We understand your needs

At MLA we understand your need to find not only a good development team, but one that will mould itself to be part of your team, that will be reliable, dependable and easy for you to contact at all times as you need. At MLA we have 4 full stack web developers, 2 project managers and various other staff. We pride ourselves on becoming a full member of your team, we can come to meetings if you have complex development to discuss with a client and need someone there to understand the logic of work.

We are experts in understanding the logic of creating different websites and have built many complex sites. We have seen far too many clients coming to us to redo their sites that have been built on poor structures with bad coding buy some other outsource team. With 4 developers we can manage multiple projects at once and are an ever expanding company and hope to have more developers in the team by the end of the year.

Unparallel Development Results

We have great experience in the development field having built 1000’s of websites between us. We have created many complex and custom systems, some for chauffeur companies that need to calculate payments via distances and a varying range of cars to education systems for people to be able to sell children training courses which need to be able to upload videos and create course structures etc.

Leading Edge Technology

We are always checking for new updates and enhancements in code,
and all ours sites are built with clean code and W3C compliance. Any wordpress site we make we will create a custom theme.

If you have any questions,please feel free to get in touch by contacting us here.

Alternatively you can see some of our recent development work by checking out our portfolio by clicking below.

  • We have been using MLA for our development needs for many years and can honestly say that they have been amazing!


  • We have been using Marc and MLA for years on our Python/ Django system. It has taken us so long to find a reliable and efficient partner to really take our system to the next level.